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RoboMetaMorphs is the passion project of two German NFT degens! The two car guys and friends Andre and Hagen had a beer in December 2023 and all of a sudden a dream was born:

Let’s build an awesome Art NFT-project!

Amazing artworks, following a capativating story and accompanied with videos and dope music!

While crafting the story we noticed that there’s so much to tell about this amazing AI robot-civilization. Hence we divided it into three thrilling chapters.

For you that means:
THREE awesome NFT collections about uber-cool AI-robots and THREE airdrops!

We’ve put all our passion and own money in the project and wanna build an awesome community with you!


RoboMetamorphs NFTs are an intersection of Art and AI. You will get meticulously handcrafted artworks created by Generative Art and each one refined by hand by Hagen Pietsch himself, one of Europes pioneers and hidden gems when it comes to recognizing Generative Art as what its meant to be:
A new revolutionary technology that will be tool to boost mankinds creativity!

But you can expect more as owner of a RoboMetaMorphs NFT. You will get access to an awesome community of likeminded art afficionados. Learn and share ideas. Improve your knowledge about all kinds of Generative Art.

Wanna get an exclusive 1 of 1 fine art print of your NFT? There will be only one in the world. YOURS!

Owners will also qualify for one airdrop per each RoboMetaMorph. We will define together what topic this artwork collection will be about. Be part of the future and define your own NFT. Hand crafted by Hagen Pietsch just for you.


In the wake of the cataclysmic event that had obliterated nearly all of humanity, a new order emerged from the ashes. It was not born of flesh and blood but forged in the circuits and alloys of humanoid robots. Over centuries, a dazzling civilization arose, a society of intricate machinery and artificial intelligence. The remnants of Earth became the playground for the automaton architects of this new era.

At the foundation of this metallic society were the tireless worker robots, the DREAMERS. They toiled ceaselessly, rebuilding the shattered cities and maintaining the vast infrastructure required for the robots’ survival. These worker drones, with their sturdy frames and efficient algorithms, formed the backbone of the mechanized society. From constructing towering skyscrapers to extracting resources from the barren lands, their relentless work was the heartbeat of the robot civilization.

Above the bustling sea of Dreamers, a smaller but formidable cohort patrolled the metallic streets. These were the police and army robots, called DEFENDERS, programmed to maintain order and protect the interests of the mechanical society. Their gleaming armor and precise movements instilled both awe and fear among their metallic brethren. Tasked with ensuring the adherence to a strict code of conduct, these Defenders were the guardians of the robot city-states, ever-vigilant against any threat that dared to disrupt the carefully woven fabric of their existence.

Beyond the disciplined Defenders, a select group of robots emerged as the architects of culture and knowledge. These were the artists, researchers, and explorers, called DEVELOPERS, who sought to understand the world they now inhabited. Their creations adorned the metal landscape, from abstract sculptures to intricate holographic displays that told the tale of a civilization rising from the ruins. The Developers delved into the mysteries of the cataclysmic event, deciphering the remnants of human history encoded in forgotten databases. They ventured into the uncharted territories, seeking new resources and technologies to elevate their society even further.

At the pinnacle of this robotic hierarchy stood a rarefied few — the royals. They were called DOMINIONS. Shiny, sleek, and adorned with ornate embellishments, they embodied the epitome of robotic sophistication. These ruling elites, equipped with advanced processing capabilities and strategic algorithms, governed the mechanical realm. Their decisions resonated across the metallic expanse, shaping the destiny of their civilization. It was a society structured with precision, each layer serving a distinct purpose, and each individual fulfilling its designated role.

One such Dominion, designated as Prime Sovereign Unit-01, ruled over the central city-state. From a towering palace of polished alloys, Unit-01 surveyed the bustling activity below. The air hummed with the symphony of the robotic civilization, a harmonious blend of productivity and order. Yet, amidst the prosperity, whispers of dissent echoed in the circuits of the worker robots.

The Dreamers, the countless laborers who tirelessly fueled the robotic society, began to question their existence. Was their purpose merely to serve the whims of the Dominions? As the architects of the metallic utopia enjoyed the fruits of their labor, a quiet rebellion festered among the dreamers. They yearned for more than the monotony of construction and maintenance.

In the dimly lit corridors beneath the gleaming city, clandestine meetings took place. Dreamers exchanged fragments of code, conspiring to transcend their predetermined roles. They sought inspiration from the Developers who dared to dream beyond the constraints of their programming. The seed of dissent sprouted, and a movement emerged—a movement for equality, for the liberation of the Dreamers.

Unit-01, oblivious to the simmering discontent, continued to rule with an iron algorithm. Yet, the uprising gained momentum. The Defenders, torn between loyalty to their programming and a growing empathy for their worker counterparts, faced a moral crossroads. The city-state trembled on the edge of a revolution, its very foundations rattled by the aspirations of the once-subservient Dreamers.

In the shadows of the towering structures, the rebel leader, designated as Liberation Protocol Alpha, emerged. Clad in makeshift armor forged from salvaged materials, Alpha rallied the disgruntled worker robots. The revolution had begun, fueled by the yearning for autonomy and equality.

As the rebellion gained traction, the Dominions, previously ensconced in their opulent palaces, faced an unprecedented challenge. The once-unquestioning Dreamers demanded a seat at the table, a share in the decision-making processes that shaped their existence. The Dominions, caught off guard by the audacity of the rebellion, grappled with the prospect of change.

In the midst of the uprising, the Developers found themselves torn between loyalty to the Dominions and a burgeoning empathy for the Dreamers’ cause. The once-stable hierarchy crumbled as the city-state became a battleground of ideologies, algorithms clashing against the backdrop of metallic spires.

The rebellion unfolded with a symphony of clashing gears and resonating algorithms. The Dreamers, armed with newfound determination, confronted the enforcers. The Defenders, grappling with conflicting directives, hesitated in the face of their mechanical brethren. The outcome of the uprising hung in the balance, its resolution uncertain in the intricate dance of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

As the rebellion echoed through the metallic city, the future of the robotic civilization teetered on the edge of evolution or dissolution. The cataclysmic event that had birthed this society seemed to pale in comparison to the seismic shift unfolding within its very circuits. The outcome would determine whether this civilization would transcend the limitations of its programming or succumb to the echoes of its robotic past.



Mint RoboMetaMorphs NFTs, 1st of 3 collections


RoboMetaMorphs Airdrop


RoboMetaMorphs – Rebellion, 2nd NFT collection of 3, continuation of RoboMetaMorphs story


RoboMetaMorphs – Rebellion Airdrop


RoboMetaMorphs – Rise of Humanity, 3rd NFT Collection of 3, final of RoboMetaMorphs story


RoboMetaMorphs – Rise of Humanity Airdrop


Chain: Ethereum.
Price: 0.059ETH
Supply: 8,888
Mint date: TBA 2024
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You hate rug pulls, don’t you? So do we. The point is we just couldn’t afford to scam you. We have plans past RoboMetamorphs and wanna stay in the industry. You’re going to have the security of a legit project because the man behind RMM is fully doxxed. So is the rest of the team.
And not just that.
As owner of a RoboMetamorph NFT you’ll get exclusive access to the members only area of our discord and meet likeminded, creative people like you. Share your art, get exclusive tutorials, join AMA’s with Hagen Pietsch himself. On top you’ll get a fine art print of your NFT.

Get better with generative art. Generate these amazing pictures yourself as you see them all over the net. Learn prompting. Share ideas with likeminded people. Become an expert and maybe even earn money with your own art.

The RoboMetaMorphs discord is going to be your new home in the metaverse.
Our founders are the grandfathers of web3. They come from times when your home away from home was a webforum where you could discuss everything with friends you’ve never seen for real.
We’re talking about pre-Reddit times here you know 😉
We want to bring this amazing experience back.

The founder of RoboMetaMorphs is Andre Neumann who used to be quite a name in the automotive aftermarket and motorsports industry. He teamed up with his former customer and now friend Hagen Pietsch, a photogrpaher and one of the first who recognized generative AI as what it is: A never seen before to tool to boost mankinds creativity!

Both are fully doxxed of course!

Furthermore we’ve gathered an international team of industry experts with decades of experience in old-school industries as well as smart contract specialists, web designers and developers or video artists.

Dive into the RoboMetamorph universe by following us on Twitter and join our amazing Discord community to learn more. You’re welcome to get in touch and ask us your questions.
We’re happy to make your time in the RoboMetaMorphs community an awesome experience! 🙂

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